This is my patio. I like it best this way. Before they put SCARY NEW STUFF on it. They called it a patio set, but I wasn't fooled. What it mostly was, was NEW!! But then when it got cold, they put it away in the garage, so it's ok now.
This is my potty! It's a pretty good potty, except that mymom keeps stealing my poop. She doesn't even eat it, so I don't know wny.
This is my tree! It's a really big tree, so I have to water it a lot.
 Mymom calls this my "glamor shot." I don't know why. Humans are funny. 

Then the sad thing happened. My big sister Arafel left us. We were all very sad. I'm feeling a little better now, but I still miss her. It's kinda scary to be an Only Dog. Mymom says I'll get a new brother or sister one of these days. I hope it's pretty soon.

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