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I'm still learning how to use my new camera, but I managed to get a few pictures that aren't terribly out of focus.

female downy male downy
Well, actually, the male Downy Woodpecker is terribly out of focus, but I had to show the difference between the two - the male has a red spot on the back of his head, the female doesn't.

red-bellied woodpecker

Even though the most distinctive feature of this bird is the red "mohawk" running over the head from the bill to the back of the neck, it's officially known as a "Red Bellied Woodpecker." Yes, there's a teeny-tiny red spot on the belly, but you can rarely see it. Go figure.

two sparrows

I don't know enough about sparrows to say what kind these are, but they're sure loving the tray feeder!

sparrow surprise

This was a surprise! The birds on the feeder that I was trying to shoot didn't come out at all... but up in the very corner of the shot, was this little guy.

mutant squirrel

This Fox Squirrel isn't really a mutant, but when we first saw him, he'd been injured. His tail dragged on the ground, and one of his back legs had been hurt, so he moved with an odd hopping gait that made him look like a cross between a woodchuck, a rabbit, and a squirrel. We promptly dubbed him "Mutant Squirrel" and that's remained his name, even after he healed.

red squirrel

Stop thief! This little red squirrel is about to make off with the rest of the suet!

big bird

And, of course, the biggest bird at the feeder isn't a bird!

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