Meet the baby of the family, Alfred!

(Note: We've had Alfred for about a year, and the following pictures were taken over several months, but I haven't gotten around to making a page to introduce him until now Bad Dogmom!)

After we lost Tasha in November, Arafel was very lonely. So, we decided to get her a dog ;-) That dog was Alfred. We adopted him from a rescue group in January of 2007... I'd tell you all about him, but he'd rather tell you about it all by himself. (OK, Mom had to help with the camera. And the typing. And the whole webpage thing... but mostly all by himself.)

Hi! I'm Alfred! I lived in a kennel for about five years. There weren't very many humans there, but there were lots of dogs! Sometimes they were very loud. But not me. I am a quiet and dignified dog! Now I have a new kennel and it's way better, even if there's lots of NEW! scary things! What I like best about my new kennel is my safe place with the comfy bed. I can see everywhere from it, and keep track of my humans!
I can see the family room!
I can see into the living room and watch the front door for that pesky pizza person!
I can watch the back door for mymom and mydad!
I can even watch mymom work in her messy office (but don't tell her I said that)!
I really like my new kennel. But sometimes, it just seems so confining, you know?

So... the very best thing about my new kennel is that it has an OUTSIDE!
Come and see!

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